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Keroro!!! I love to see it :D
Dude I can't believe the anime is coming back it makes me so happy

Whoa! I'm a big fan of this style, this is a beautiful piece!!

DreamsBellArt responds:

Thanks so much!

Whoa! What an unexpected treat, this is amazing ^^ really love it, I can tell you were passionate about this piece

DreamsBellArt responds:

Thanks so much!

These are beautiful I need these stickers please

Whoaaa I love everything about this! It just feels so surreal to look at... I recently finished watching Serial Experiments Lain and this gives off very similar vibes to a degree imo. Idk what it is but this piece resonates a bit with how I've been feeling lately.
Hope u are doin well :)

DreamsBellArt responds:

Thanks! I get what you mean haha

Omg it's so fun to see all this 3D art today! :3 Hopefully that means it was a good day

DreamsBellArt responds:

Thanks! haha, all of it is stuff I finished months ago but forgot about. But it was a good day today for sure!

This is wonderful!! It's got that adorable happy-go-lucky energy that Kirby always gives off :D

Omg I love this sm haha! An official Kirby x EVA is something I'd love to see happen one day.

DreamsBellArt responds:

I would love that too! haha. Unfortunately they seemed to stop referencing it many games ago. Thanks for the compliment!

Wow, it's such a treat that you've been posting so much art recently! I'm glad I can still see it somewhere since Twitter's been dying. I really love how this piece evokes kinda the same feeling as I had while watching the show (I really oughta give it another watch sometime soon).

DreamsBellArt responds:

Thanks! This is the only place I'll really post art these days, yeah. This place is cool. And yeah def worth a rewatch

Omg this looks rlly nice, I love how u do all the incredibly detailed reflections/highlights. Also for some reason this one is giving me vintage Isaac Asimov paperback cover vibes! (I've read like 1 of his books tho haha)

DreamsBellArt responds:

Thank you! I appreciate that compliment. I referenced the colors from screenshots to make sure I got the color temperature just right. Im very happy with how this came out looking vintage.

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